Juliette Paris Joaillerie


La collection de joaillerie Juliette Paris veille à proposer des modèles variés pour les amoureux des bijoux. La marque d’inspiration française conçoit des modèles de bagues exclusives serties de diamants de couleurs authentiques.

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"Up in the Air" is the emblematic collection of Juliette Paris. A floating diamond, dancing around brilliant links forming a discreet and elegant chain. Here is the marriage of a jewelry designed thanks to fine technology, and purely French chic. In the mind of Juliette Paris, this collection embodies the soul of the Parisians, poetically sober and sensitive to beauty.


The architecture of Paris has fascinated artists and poets for centuries, but also jewelers. Juliette Paris presents her version of the city’s main symbol - the Sweet Paris collection. The silhouette of the Eiffel Tower is as visible to Paris lovers as it is to the brand's creators.


Anastasiia and Frederic, creators of Juliette Paris, dedicated the Madeleine collection to their youngest daughter. Madeleine is already a great lover of fashion, discovering the beauty and subtleties of the world with tenderness and innocence. The Madeleine collection is full of nuances, bright and deep colors. A sublime rendering, which could only be obtained with the help of precious stones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby. These precious stones, natural and sumptuous, remind us of the diversity of the world through their colors and their brilliance.


The historic and iconic architecture of Paris, with its stone-paved sidewalks, streets and quays, greatly inspired and served as the basis for the Asscher collection by Juliette Paris. Set with high quality F VVS square diamonds and giving the impression of a large sparkling canvas, the jewels of this collection are of a breathtaking result. The Asscher collection includes both classic and relatively understated jewelry made with white diamonds, and other pieces that are a little more extravagant, such as rings adorned with sapphires, emeralds and rubies.


A movement—and the necklace follows the shape of your neck, a movement—and the bracelet adapts perfectly to your wrist. Flexible jewelry keeps its shape perfectly. Gold and diamonds only serve to emphasize the beauty of natural lines. Silhouette Collection by Juliette Paris.

Z — Juliette Paris

New times require new forms. Generation Z dictates its rules and values. Juliette Paris suggests changing the “angle of view” and looking at the jewelry in a new way. The Z collection consists of gold rings and bracelets with diamonds of non-standard geometry. Follow the new rules, be Z.


Juliette Paris has created jewelry that should be in every girl's “jewelry wardrobe”. The JuJu collection is simple, clear and feminine for everyday life. The modern take on the classic 7 diamond combination is implemented in current jewelry fashion trends. A perfect gift for any occasion.


The collection of rings and bracelets for men “Cubiste” by François Paris is a combination of cubes with a matte black finish and cubes of gold. Their combination depends on the imagination of designers and customers. We rotate the cube and get new combinations every time.

Our brand uses modern nano-coating technology to create jewelry pieces that combine the elegance of gold and the brilliance of diamonds, resulting in a reflection of its owner's charisma.


To think of a wedding ring designed for a man is to imagine a comfortable, elegant and discreet piece. Countless jewelers take on the task, but few actually succeed. François Paris has taken up the challenge, and offers a unique collection of wedding rings for men.

A delicate, almost invisible diamond, which testifies by its discretion to feelings so authentic that no jewel can sum them up.

Z — by François Paris

New times require new forms. Generation Z men choose their rules and values. François Paris suggests you to change the way you observe the jewelry and start looking at them in a new way.

The “Collection Z” offers gold rings with diamonds of personalized shape. Follow the new rules, be Z.

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